NoorClass ™
NoorClass transforms regular classes to interactive classes that facilitate communication between student and teacher.
NoorMobile ™
NoorMobile enables students and parents to stay in-touch with the school’s academic and extra- extracurricular activities anytime anywhere.
NoorPortal ™
NoorPortal enables students and parents to be engaged in the school’s daily activities.
NoorSchool ™
NoorSchool enables school to manage school’s every aspect including profile, buildings, rooms, assets, library, and facilities.
NoorStaff ™
NoorStaff enables schools to manage all staff related information including staff profile, subject assignment, attendances, staff assigned tasks, in addition to multi-school teachers, substitute teachers, and staff transfers.
NoorStudent ™
NoorStudent enables schools to manage all students related information, including profile, academic progress, gradebook, attendance, health information, and students’ accounting.