We are driving improvements in schools’ management


NoorSpace provides a full suite that covers all aspects of

school management that satisfies a school management

needs in terms of providing full insight on school activities,

student progress, and teacher performance.

NoorSpace is a fully configurable dynamic system that

provides the ability to control and configure it in any way that

suits your needs.

NoorSpace Components


NoorSchool enables schools to manage school’s every aspect including profile, buildings, rooms, assets, library, and facilities.


NoorStudent enables schools to manage all students related information, including profile, academic progress, gradebook, attendance, health information, and students’ accounting.


NoorClass transforms regular classes to interactive classes that facilitate communication between student and teacher.


NoorStaff enables schools to manage all staff related information including staff profile, subject assignment, attendances, staff assigned tasks, in addition to multi-school teachers, substitute teachers, and staff transfers.


NoorPortal enables students and parents to be engaged in the school’s daily activities.


NoorMobile enables students and parents to stay in-touch with the school’s academic and extra- extracurricular activities anytime, anywhere